海贼王 燃烧之血

《海贼王:燃烧之血》是由Spike Chunsoft公司开发的一款格斗类游戏。该游戏是以原著《海贼王》为题材而改编的格斗游戏,讲述一个叫路飞的少年为了与因救他而断臂的香克斯的约定而出海冒险的故事。


One Piece Burning Blood is a dynamic and colourful new fighting game featuring the world’s most famous pirate: Monkey D. Luffy.

A FAST-PACED FIGHTING GAME – Get ready for some crazy action and devastating combos!

DEVIL FRUIT/HAKI ABILITIES – Devil Fruits and “Haki” can be used to do massive special moves and take down the fiercest opponents!

3 vs. 3 RUMBLE – Switch from 3 characters at any time during the fight and trigger amazing attacks!

INCREDIBLE ROSTER – More than 40 playable characters coming from all over Grand Line and beyond!

THE MOST EPIC BATTLE – Relive the Marineford War through intense fights and cutscenes!

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